Use arrow keys or WASD to navigate.

TC goes to Egypt to save twelve missing archaeology students. To find them, she investigates the curse on the Temple of Bastet, and she must face off with her old rival, Professor Pileous. Can she explore River Island to find all of the artifacts, lift the curse, and save Dr. Pug's students?

In this puzzle adventure, be sure to investigate all of the items and talk to everyone. Also, look out for hidden ladders, a quicksand maze, and grumpy crocodiles.

This is my first puzzle/adventure game, created with Bitsy and Image to Bitsy. If you get stuck, and need a hint, leave a comment!


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The pixel art is very nice and I liked how expansive the map was. Awesome Game!

thank you!!! 

this is so rad!!! i died a bunch before figuring out how to get the kitten ha ha but god your art is fantastic! really enjoyed this game ;D


thank you! That means a lot!